Saturday, October 06, 2007

No smoking

We were at the Muzaffarpur Railway Station waiting for Vaishali Express. My parents had come to see me off. There were quite a few other relatives too, although I am having a hard time recalling who exactly they were. At the station I found another friend of mine also waiting for the same train. Jai.His father and brother had also come to the station. The train must have been at least half hour from then to arrive. I don't know what my friend was doing there. He had a habit of leaving his house only when he got the information that the train had reached the previous station. And the best way to get the information was probably just to peep out of his rear window. I am not making this up. Trust me. He left his quarters in Ramdayalu Singh College campus only when the train approached Ramdayalu station. Unfortunately the station wasn't important enough for the train to stop.
Enough about my friend and his JIT habits, it was the regular phenomenon of waiting at the station. Nothing exciting or worth mentioning about it. All of a sudden I saw a girl walking on the platform across with one of those trolley bags along with her parents. I knew her. And somehow I also knew that she was traveling in the same train as us, alone. I don't know how I knew that. Any way I waved my hand at her and gestured her that the train is coming at this platform and not the one they were on. She understood my signs and took a U-turn to come to our platform. All of a sudden the platform became crowded. And without any warning, the train arrived. That too at another platform. It was all so confusing. Anyway we(Jai and I) loaded all our baggages in a Jeep to go the platform where the train had arrived. After both the families took seats in the Jeep, there was hardly any place for me to sit. Still I managed to squeeze myself between the driver and the co-driver.
The driver drove carefully to our train and we boarded it. After adjusting the luggage, I remembered the girl. I wasn't sure if she had made to the train already. I was kind of worried. At the same time I felt like meeting her. So I left my bogie and walked along the platform to find her. After walking a few paces I saw someone at a distance looking quite like her. At least (s)he was dressed like her. And lo, she was smoking! I didn't know she smoked. and wasn't she afraid her parents would see her? Come on... why was I thinking so much. I didn't even know if this is her! But I had to find out. So I walked hastily towards her. Suddenly everything started blur in front of my eyes. Was I fainting? Was I falling unconscious? On a railway station, that could be dangerous. But actually something opposite was happening. It was late morning. And I was just waking up. Not in Muzaffarpur but in Jamshedpur. Weird dream. Well most dreams are weird. They fail to make any sense, don't they? Let me know if you could guess what was going on, or if you can make any sense of any of the above.


Vivek Malewar said...

You have 4 pages of female friends .. thoda aur narrow down karo bhai!

and yes .. i don't know why .. but this dream description reminds me of patiyala :D

rohit said...

4 pages? kya yaar
you know its more like 4
and that's not the (only) point!
you one-track-minded mallu :P

and yeah, patiala.
i remember his dreams now.
nothing beats them.

Voice said...

dreams are like that :P

end abruptly ... :(

Saurabh said...

Macha diya yaar tumne!!!

Anonymous said...

the dream is a reflection of life from another prism..
things could have been that way also...

.. i think u r lucky to have penned it down so that u can always remember .. ohh dreams are so weird..


btw.. do ask her.. plz??

rohit said...

so do my blogs
i don't know what you are talking about!
and you know there was a time when i used to sleep with a copy and pen by the pillow, so that i pen down any dream i have as soon as i woke up.
i really did.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should see this.. Enjoyy!

possessive aunt:) said...

i think you've already told me what was going 1 of our rendezvous. Your dream was perfectly normal. sometimes, i dream about things that give the word 'weird' a very fresh definition. But fortunately or unfortunately, I don't remember much about them. But i have had a recurring nightmare. have you had any?

Rohit Anand said...

@ auntie
yes, i have.
and you know about them by now.