Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Funny professors

I don't know whether this blog is a place where I should post this but I don't have any where else to go. I have a lot of fading memories about my teachers in school and even college which cross my mind every now and then. Will just try to pen(kbd) them down for public use.

One history teacher in my school used to take a long time in checking the answer scripts. If you know about the West Bengal board syllabus I don't have to tell you about the number of pages the students are supposed to write there. A rough estimate will be 27-30 foolscap pages. Now Paritosh-da would read each and every word of those answers, something you might not expect from a history teacher, leave comments, underline points, strike out mistakes, etc. Ultimately a student would have more red ink on his paper than blue. One of my friends who was quite like me when it came to history (read miserable) probably thought he should take cues from the corrections in his answer sheet and improve. There was one comment scribbled illegibly which he failed to decipher. After giving it some thought and consulting with mates he decided to take up the matter with sir. He went to him and asked what he had written there. Paritosh-da took the script. Strained his eyes and said, "It says... bad handwriting" :D


Voice said...

is this happens everyyear??

it happened with sampad too, my batchmate

Vivek Malewar said...

On an unrelated note ...

I learned today that 'batchmate' is not an english word !!!!

Rohit Anand said...

@mallu darling
it isn't?
nor are online and upto

may have happened in your batch,
and become a story for years to come
at least you proved that it actually happened