Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I have always been wanting to buy a headphone so that my neighbors can rest in peace while I listen to my music on full volume. But the #^**&^% that I am, the reason never seemed to be enough. But  I had another reason why I should be buying a headphone.

When not on headphone, a lot of the music being played doesn't reach me. Little details about instruments playing are missed out. So I bought a headphone yesterday, a normal one. Value for money types. sasta sundar tikau. But ever since I was wondering why I did I. To the extent that I told myself that I only bought it so that I don't feel like buying it all the time now.

But just now, I was listening to Naagin Rock by Decibel in mp3. I noticed something for the first time. In the first part, there is a drum+guitar thing (which ends at around 13-15 seconds) with the guitar dying down with reverberations (i wish i wasn't this technically challenged when it comes to music). But when I heard it on headphones I realized that the editor didn't let it die down. It is clipped when it almost reaches inaudible levels. I played it back a few more times to check and smiled... This is how my headphones drew first blood!



Vivek Malewar said...

wow man !
I've heard that song .. a gazillion times .. though never noticed it.

BTW .. did you notice there are two guitars playing leads in many occasions?

Really good composition

Voice said...

'i wish i wasn't this technically challenged when it comes to music'

U shud read ur blogs... agar tum technically challenged ho to humlog to total ignorant hai

Once again ^:)^
Hail to rohit

Rohit Anand said...

2 Guitars. Ya I notice now. Is it like Bass Guitar and Lead Guitar? I have no clue!