Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Special effects

Concerned song: right here right now (hip hop mix) - Bluffmaster
The opening of the song is in a female voice, but difficult to make out what is being said. Sounds arabic or something, also difficult to pronounce. Listen to it first

I went over this part again and again, and thought of trying something. The voice was human but there were no clear words. I thought let me reverse the piece and see what it becomes. This is what i got...

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The mystery was solved. Success!


Voice said...

How do u do that?

Great finding. But tell me how you reversed the song?

If i become farhan akhtar I will definitely give music/sound department to you.. :)

Ninja a.k.a. Talli said...

awesome finding!
u really don't have no work! :D

Banvri said...

lol nice one but still wondering how do do that :O

Rohit Anand said...

ninja, is that so much of a surprise for you? wait for my next post... you ll jump of the GH3 terrace.

about reversing the audio, recorded using windows sound recorder and used the reverse effect.