Friday, December 18, 2009

Teleshopping heights

Did your new car get scratches on the very first day?
Does your kid get ill with no apparent detectable illness?
Did you suddenly lose business on a new venture?
Did the ladke waale break the shadi with your daughter all of a sudden?
Has your boyfriend suddenly started ignoring you?
Are you suddenly losing money in share market?
Does your brilliant son face difficulty in passing exams?

And you have no idea what's wrong? Well, it is possible aapki khushi ko kisi ki nazar lag gayi hai.

Lets see nazar kaise lagti hai... This happens when someone is jealous of something good which is happening to you. While you are showing your new factory, or your beautiful child, or your shining car, to your bhabhi, bua, colleagues you are only exposing your success, your happiness to their nazar. And this is how nazar lagti hai.

To save you from this evil, scientists (you can put the comma before the word evil) in Shri Divya Rishi Kendra after research in "evil eye shielding technique" have come up with a product which will save you from buri nazar. This is how you will be able to ward off the evil nazar from friends and family>>>>

The set comes with an amulet, a bracelet and some other stuff as shown. This product is in line with some Turkish tradition. And has been energized by "mahamantro ka jaap". MRP, nominal, 2375/-. With 30days money back guarantee.

And I forgot to mention, it was said that beautiful girls, their complexion, their figure are all highly susceptible to the nazar lagne ka problem.

Honest. I didn't make any of this shit up. During this 10 min odd ad I laughed out loud some 5 times, and shouted ugly words, which I can't mention here, at the host the same no. of times.


Vivek Malewar said...

didnt they have "if you order in next 30 mins we give you another amulet worth 1695/- free" ?

Chief Part Deux said...

u laughed 5 times.. I laughed once, through the entire thing.. it took me 2 mins to figure out it WASN'T some spoof :D

Voice said...


Rohit Anand said...

there are such offers available. something like Nazar yantra ke sath hanuman kawach free.

guess you aren't watching the right TV channels