Monday, May 12, 2008

Scoring Mumbai

Mumbai was losing.
8'o clock, I leave my office after my first day at the internship. I walk straight to marine drive and then walk along it till the Chaupati. Meanwhile something reminds me that I have to use the net to download 2 files, print them and fax them. While walking along the marine drive I note that there isn't one phone booth to be seen nor any internet cafe.
So at Chaupati I decide to cross the marine drive and go into the land to find something. Even when I get in all I could find were eateries and showrooms. Suddenly I see a PCO and next to it a board which said, STD, ISD, FAX. I was delighted, if i have these, internet won't be far... But when i asked the guy it turned out that the board was misleading. The shop to which the board belonged wasn't open. I was dissappointed. It seemed to me that I won't be able to do it tonight. It was 9 already. That was when a middle aged lady asked me, "are you looking for fax?" I said I was. "what time is it?", I said 9. "Do you know this place?", I said no. "Ok, hurry, you see that lane, go into it and take the first right, you will find everything there, its getting late so rush, go." I didn't take time to think any further, I just recorded the message and started for the place I was directed to. I don't remember if I even thanked the lady. The fact that I found internet, printer and fax there doesn't make much of a difference. What I was impressed with was the nature of the people and the eagerness to help someone out. To call and provide help even when not asked for. This event was just an example. I am sure people like me come across thousands of ladies and gentlemen, everyday in Mumbai.
Pardon me if I am getting biased,
score 1-1
PS-I could have given another point just for the walk along the queen's necklace, but I controlled the temptation.

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Vivek Malewar said...

I always thought Mumbai people are the least helpful - worse only next to Delhi! But actually, it's compeltely wrong to make an opinion about the entire city just on the basis of a few people. There are good people and there are not-so-good ones - and they can be found anywhere.

All this thought process reminds me of that movie - Crash